My house...

Well…my house went up for sale this week. I'm about a month shy of living in my house for five years! I have loved my house. It's been the perfect house for me. Part of me was in denial about selling it. So I waited until I was absolutely sure I had a job in Provo before calling a realtor about selling my house. But once I did, wow, things have gone fast. Last Monday (April 28th) I called a realtor. I was referred to this realtor, Jeremy Larkin of the Larkin Group, by my sister Megan who used him when she and her hubby needed to sell their house. He came highly recommended! By the time I met him in his office on Wednesday he already had things rolling. He told me that it'd take about 10-14 days to get my house on the market. I told him the sooner the better since I want it sold by the first of June. So…my house went up for sale in less than a week! The following Monday (May 5th) they hung up the "for sale" sign. I didn't realize that would be there so soon. So when I pulled into my driveway after work, it was really wierd to see it there. Crazy! It made it all feel so real. Then on Tuesday (May 6th) my house was officially listed on the market. Things were hopping and my house was being shown like crazy! After being on the market for just a few days, I got an offer! Thursday morning my realtor emailed me to let me know that we had an offer on my house. Woohoo! That was super fast!!! It was a really good offer. But we actually made a counter offer. And that was a little nerve racking. But once I found out that they accepted our offer I was pumped!

So as my realtor told me…his office gets to work and I pray hehe! So I will keep praying that things work out, and he and all of his people will keep working hard doing what they do best. But the way things have worked out in the last few days tell me that it's going to work out! I'm doing the right thing and everything is falling into place. Yay! It feels amazing! Things are finally going right for me. :)

Funny Story: I texted that number on top of the sign. I just wanted to see what they sent. And also, a friend said she texted the number and nothing happened. So I texted it and less than a minute later I was sent a text with a link to pictures and the listing. Wow! That came through fast. I was happy to see that. Then I received a voicemail the next day while I was teaching from the "Larkin Group" about a house I was interested in. I chuckled, but didn't return the phone call. But then they called again a few days later. As she was explaining that they were just calling because they saw that I was interested in a property in Bluff View Townhomes, I burst out laughing. Then I had to explain that I actually owned the home, but then I thanked her for being so on-top of things. They really work hard to sell homes! And then she gave me the nicest compliment and told me that my home shows really well and is decorated very nicely. She was really nice and I loved that they called me! :)

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