Thinner Winner #9

Well, this is a few days late. Sorry about that! Final weigh-in was last Saturday, May 3rd. This was a two month challenge and I did pretty good overall. I ofcourse would like to have done better, but I'm learning patience (again). I just want instant results…get rid of the fat and have the body I want. But that's not how it works. :( So I want to share my final results so you can see how far I've come. I will continue this journey as I know I have a long ways to go. With some major life changes, this summer will be crazy. (Selling a house, moving out of a house, moving to Colorado for about two months, helping my sis with her new baby (and ofcourse her other two little ones), moving to a new city, finding a place to live in that city, moving into and getting settled into that new place, moving into and setting up a new classroom, traveling to attend trainings for my new job…just to name a few) But I'm going to do the very best I can! I have to say, although I didn't lose very much weight, I did lose a great deal of inches. I even received a huge compliment today from a friend at work. She said that I'm looking really good and that she can tell that I'm losing. That made me feel so good to hear that great compliment! (Especially because, in my eyes, I haven't lost much, and don't look much different) And, I almost forgot, I lost the most inches in my challenge! Woohoo! (Too bad there wasn't a prize for inches) There was a prize for weekly points though. We got points for things such as exercising, exercising 5+ days, keeping a food log, cutting out unhealthy foods, doing one thing for yourself each day, telling the groups ways you subsitute foods, working out with a buddy, etc. The challenge was divided in half. So the first month (or first half) one person won a point prize. Then we started fresh for the second month (or second half) and another person won a point prize. I won the point prize for the second half. I got the most points! And I have a super cute necklace on its way!!! I was so excited! It was close between another person in the challenge (with me being slightly behind each week), so I did not expect to win. I was super, super excited! Yay for me!!! :)

Weight: lost 7 pounds

Waist: lost 6 inches

Hips: lost 6 inches

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