Yard Sale galore....

Moving is really hard work. And it really makes you realize that you have a ton of stuff! And you also realize that you don't want to pack and move all of this stuff. So, back in March when I was interviewing and hoping to get a job, I had a yard sale. I sold all of my first grade teaching supplies that I've been holding on to "in case I teach first grade again". I sold home decor, some furniture, and basically a little bit of everything. It was really successful and made a good chunk of money. Then in April, after I got a job offer, I started selling things online. That's more work than a yard sale, but you usually get more money that way. So I figured it was worth it. Then in May, the weekend before I moved out of my house, some neighbor girls and I had another yard sale. We made some pretty sweet signs! I wasn't as successful at that sale, but I still made out pretty good. And ofcourse, I took the unsold items to D.I. The less I have to pack and move the better!

Our sweet yard sale signs!

Multi-Family yard sale with some of my neighbor friends.

Just a glimpse of what I sold at my yard sale...or tried to sell lol!!

The beginning of the packing. Ugh! It takes forever! And it seems like you're accomplishing nothing...

I sold this sweet table. We call it the "up and down table". It's been in our family for a long time and it was sad to see it go. But I don't need it anymore, and either does anyone in my family.

I sold this great computer. It's in great condition. But I wanted to buy a laptop, so I no longer needed this desktop.

This old thing was actually in great condition. But I definitely don't need two TVs anymore. So ofcourse, I kept the flat screen and got rid of this thing.

I ended up giving this to a friend because it didn't sell. My friend ended up painting it and making it look absolutely adorable for her little girl's room. (Sorry about the poor quality picture.)

I parted with all of these awesome organizing drawers. I will have much less room in my new place, so I was trying to downsize.

I also sold this great bedroom/bathroom set. I have loved it but I'm ready for a new color scheme!

Amongst all the packing, selling, and moving...I saw this on Instagram. Remembering this helped me get through it all. It all seemed pretty impossible and overwhelming at times. But this quote kept me going. and I have to give a huge shout out to my wonderful mom! A few days before I was supposed to move out, she came over on her day off of work, and she helped me pack all day long. I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks mom! And thanks to my organization skills, everything was ready when the guys from the ward came to help me move. They just had to move the furniture to the truck, and then move boxes from garage to truck. It went super fast! I'm so grateful for the men who came and helped me move. So many tender mercies have happened during the process of moving!!!

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