Craft Time!!

My sister Lynnie found this super cute craft on Pinterest. I fell in love when she showed it to me! It looked simple enough so I decided to give it a try. So I went out and bought the three things that I would need: canvases, spray paint, and doilies. And in case you're wondering, doilies aren't the easiest to find. I was hoping for cloth doilies, thinking that they would be sturdier and make it a little easier to do the project. I had to settle for paper doilies. But it still worked out. We experimented on newspaper beforehand and discovered that the doilies were really thin and would move. So when doing the actual project, I taped the doilies down to the canvas. Then I sprayed the canvas. (This was my nephew Cole's favorite part) After letting them dry for awhile, I went and checked on them. I let them dry a little too long though. Some pieces of the doilies were completely stuck to the canvas. It took great effort to get some of the pieces off of the canvas. So I think that is why either I should've checked on it sooner or used fabric doilies. Anyways, I was able to get most of the little pieces off. And the pieces that I couldn't get off are so tiny that you'd never know that they are there. So, all in all, I think this project turned out pretty good. Now to find a place to live so that I can actually hang these bad boys up!


Spray Paint. I chose two colors that will accent my house. 

Doilies. I used paper. but I think that fabric might work better. I chose two different sizes, hoping to add a little variety to my project.

Tape down your doilies. (I just stuck one piece in the center.) Then spray your canvas. Let dry.

Final Product.

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