Missionary Mail!!

Awhile back, I found a pin on pinterest about different odd-shaped items that could be sent through the mail, as long as they were under a certain weight limit. The other day I was at the dollar store with my sister. We found some flip flops, which were an item on the list. So we decided to buy some plain, black flip flops and send our cute missionary sister some fun mail. When we got home, my sis pulled out all of her fabric scraps. We chose some cute coordinating scraps and tore them into strips. We then tied the strips along the strap of the flip flops. I think that they turned out pretty darn cute. Once that was finished, we got some shimmery sharpie markers (we used the off-brand) to complete our project. On mine I chose to write missionary inspired words all over the shoes. I chose words that reminded me of my sister as a missionary, gospel centered words, and things pertaining particularly to missionaries. I had the help of a very cute four-year-old thinking up the best words he could. Once the shoes were covered, I was done. All I had to do was figure out the address. At first I wrote the address using the shimmery markers. Then, with the help of my sister, I realized that it could only be read when at a certain angle. So I covered it up with ugly, white mailing labels. The labels weren't sticking to the texture of the shoes, so I got out the packing tape and taped the labels on. I had to do it carefully. When touching any of the shimmery wording, the tape removed the pretty colors. So instead of taping all the way around, I just taped the one side. I made sure to tape it well enough so that it would stick but it wouldn't remove my pretty words. It all worked out. Woohoo! Now I have TWO super fun letters to send to my sister. And she'll actually receive four of these fun 'letters'...since she'll receive some from Lynnie as well. I can't wait for my next fun idea!! Or better stated...pinterest's next fun idea. :)

The fabric strips.

A work in progress. It was actually really fun tying the fabric on. Once I was done, I trimmed down some of the fabric strips that I felt were too long.

The fun, shimmery markers.

Since Cole helped with the project, he felt that he needed to be in a picture with the shoes. He's so funny. :)

Finished project. I hope that she likes them! The thing is that she can't even wear them on her mission. But it'll be fun to receive some flip flops in the mail (hopefully on different days).

The attempted address writing.

This was after I added the address labels to make things easier for the mailman.

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