More Colorado...

I've now been in Colorado for over a week. And I've realized that I take too many pics. Most of them are of Cole...only because Maliya doesn't look at me long enough for a picture. She smiles and says cheese, and then she walks away. So I have a few of her, but not too many.

There are TONS of mosquitoes in Colorado! On a daily basis, they eat me alive. This swollen foot is the result of mosquitoes working their magic. This foot is just one example of how much the mosquitoes love me. I better figure this out soon!!
Craft time...this pic might be on my previous post??

More crafts...see a previous post for the whole explanation of how I did this project...

We've had fun playing rubber bands!

He's making a sand angel. He looks like he relaxing in the sand, but he is actually making his sand angel.

One day after lunch. When he finished eating, he plopped down on the floor with a good book and starting reading. So cute! He was very into his book.

I gave him this shirt which he really loves. The next day he asked if I had anymore new clothes for him. cute!

One morning I woke up pretty early to a cute little cough. I realized it was this kid but it sounded like it was right next to me. So I opened my eyes and saw him laying on the floor just waiting for me to wake up. 

This cute girl actually looked at me long enough for a picture.
These two are doing a building project. Unfortunately Cole was stuck with his aunt who doesn't know how to build as his helper. That did not turn out so well. Ugh...

He got a new Transformers towel, which he wore all around Walmart. He asked if I'd take some pictures of him, so this is what I got. Silly boy!
The 'letter' I sent to my misisonary sister. See previous post for an explanation of how I made these.

That's all for now...I'm sure there will be more posts, especially when baby girl joins us. :)

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