Time in Colorado...

I am spending some time in Colorado. My sis will be having a baby soon so I'm here to help her out. I also just sold my house. So my sis and her hubby are nice enough to let me stay with here for awhile (while I'm homeless haha). Upon arrival, my nephew had just been put in bed. So my sis took me up to say hi to him. He was so surprised to see me since he didn't expect to see me until the next day. But then he wanted to show me what he had in my room for me. A beautiful picture that he'd made for me as well as a few candies that he had put out for me. And he told me all about the picture how it is a beautiful rainbow and it has my name in it, but he didn't color the letters of my name so I could read it better. He's a cutie. Below are a few pictures I've taken on my phone while I've been here in Colorado. By the way, I've been here since Friday, June 6th.

The picture from Cole
On our way to church, reading Mandi's fun books. (Or "Danni" as Maliya calls me.)
This cute, happy girl.
Some after-church 'water squirter' time.
On Saturday, June 7th we worked on building a firepit. We collected all the big rocks, dug the hole for the pit, and placed the rocks accordingly. There will be logs around the firepit to sit on. There's only one right now. So fun! And such great helpers. :)

Enjoying the firepit from the wood log.

Writing a letter to Sister KayKay
Just being silly...
Enjoying craft time. This boy loves to do crafts!!

I got to go with this cute kid to swim lessons a few times. So fun for me to watch him! 

He even worked up the courage to dive off of the diving board. A huge accomplishment for this cute kid.
Enjoying a yummy popsicle after swim lessons.

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