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{My New Home}

Well...where do I begin?? I finally moved to Provo last Saturday. I can't believe I actually did this. I made this decision several months ago. And it is actually happening now. It's crazy and SCARY!

So last Thursday I left Grand Junction and headed for St. George. On Friday and packed the truck and got everything ready to go. On Saturday morning my parents and I headed to Provo. My dad drove the truck, my mom drove her car, and I drove mine. Crazy that we drove three cars! But if we didn't, my parents wouldn't have a ride back home.

When we got to Provo, some family members came to my new place to help us move. (Uncle Rock & Aunt Paula and a few of their kids, cousin Travis and his family, my brother Ken and his family) That was certainly an adventure! I'm living in a basement apartment...with steep stairs...and narrow doorways...need I say more?? Lets just say that even after we took the doors off of the frame, we still weren't sure we were going to get …