A little bit of Colorado...

A little Colorado from June...

**NOTE: They say when you're behind that you should start with the most recent and work backwards. That way you won't forget the details of the recent stuff. I tried. But my mind doesn't work that way. So I'm going all the way back and moving forward. I hope it doesn't get too confusing. 

This was taken on Father's Day (or maybe the night before). This was Nick's Father's Day present. Lyn and I went and picked it up from Home Depot. And then Nick got to build it. The kids both love the new table set! 

Whenever I walk in to get her up from her nap and I see this, I don't want to disturb her. How precious is this?? So adorable!!

Just a little relaxin...

Comfiest bed ever! How could you not be comfy with all of those animals? 

Cole and I have seen lots of movies this summer. The movie theater has a summer kids movie each week. On this particular week, there was also a ninja turtle there. Cole was being silly and was making mad faces. So I tickled him to get a smile out of him. :)

Books & Lunch...the best

There are no words. She's just cute. 

Maliya calls this "my man". She walks around the house carrying him with her. Whenever the cape falls off, she asks me to "fix man". Haha..it's adorable! 

These two can get pretty goofy...it's fun to watch. 

Like I said...they get pretty silly.

We made fish so that we could go fishing. It was lots of fun. Cole is a bit of a cheater fisherman. He picks up the end of the fishing pole with his hand, sets it on the fish he wants, lifts it up, and says: "Look, I caught a fish." But hey, he's four. It's okay. 

A little fishing action...

We played in the grass while we waited for our treats at Sonic...

I think Maliya likes it!! She must have a sweet tooth. :)

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