{A twenty hour visit}

A few weeks ago I went to St. George. Every summer my friends Kim & Sara drive up from Vegas for a weekend in the summer. We saw a Tuacahn show and do lots of fun stuff. I look forward to girls weekend every year! Some years we get our tickets late. But we've learned the hard way that you can't always sit together if you do that. So this year we bought out tickets in January (back before I made all these big life changes). Usually they stay at my house all weekend. So plans changed when I sold my house. Luckily my parents live in St. George, so  we were able to stay with them. Since I've driven so much this summer I decided to fly. {Luckily I found cheap tickets} I flew to Vegas Thursday night. I stayed at my sister Megan's house for the night. When I got there, we went to the park {where Asher got me to go down a few slides with him} and then to the "drink treat" (slushie) store. Then we had dinner and played a bit before bed. The next day we went to 'Bass Pro Shop'. I thought my sister was crazy when she said we were going there. But it was amazing. They have two very large fish tanks full of fish as well as other super fun things to do. It was highly entertaining. Afterwards we did a little shopping before I headed out of town with my friends. Thanks for a fun twenty hours Meg! 

When they were dropping me off with my friends, my nephews asked how long I'd been with them. We calculated it and figured it was about 20 hours. The boys asked if I could stay for twenty more hours next time. So cute!! They then started calling me their twenty hour visitor. 

Enjoy a few pictures of my crazy nephews and their cute little sister who wants to do everything that the boys are doing!!

Look closely...this fish has two giant buck teeth! 

Ashie would not sit still lol!!

And she's out...

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