County Fair...

Okay so I know that I'm way behind on my blogging. I do intend to get caught up. I've just been so busy with my nieces and nephews that I haven't had time for much else. So for starters, I'll tell you all about our day at the fair.

My sis, her little boy, and I spent the other day at the fair. Despite the intense heat, it was a fun day. We bought Cole a wrist band so that he could enjoy some carnival rides. When he started on his first ride, things were not looking good. It was sort of an obstacle course and he got quite freaked out. So my sister went and bought a few tokens so that she could join him on the ride. Once she showed him how fun it was, he was suddenly brave and wanted to go on all of the rides. It made for a really fun day watching him enjoy himself thoroughly on each ride. By the time we were done, he was saying that he wanted to go on some "new rides". There were no new rides left, just the rides that he was too little to ride. So he went on the obstacle course a few more times, which ended up being his favorite ride.

We also look at the animals while we were there. That was fun, but, in the words of Cole, very stinky. We saw some goats, pigs, sheep, cows, rabbits, roosters, and chickens. Cole really enjoyed looking at the animals. He even got to pet a few that were out of their cages with their owners. He definitely enjoyed that!

We also enjoyed a little Italian Ice to cool off. Yum! I got a mixture of Peach & Orange Creme. Cole got Watermelon and blue (I don't remember what flavor blue was...oops). The orange cream was definitely my fave. It was so yummy! To die for yummy! And I can't believe I'm admitting this online, but I was totally in love with the salesman. His accent was super hot. Oh my...melt my heart lol. Okay anyways...I'll never see him again. But a girl can dream.

So it was a really fun afternoon. And right as we started to leave, it started raining. Talk about great timing! We were glad it didn't start to rain any sooner, and ruin all of our fair fun. Fun times at the fair people! Fun times! Although next time I'll bring one of those little spray bottles with a mister on it. It was pretty toasty.

Enjoy a few pictures:

My sister Lynnie and her cute boy Cole

There were random little cows everywhere. To my St. George friends: it reminded me of Santa Clara Swiss Days. Cole really liked this "bone cow". He also liked the "fourth of July cow" but somehow we didn't get a picture of that one.

This is part of the obstacle course. If you look closely you can see Cole's cute little head.

Look at that slide...all a part of the obstacle course. Lyn & Cole are getting ready to go down the slide.

Cole had pretty much all of the rides to himself. There weren't many kids around to ride on the carnival rides. He had fun either way. 

A whole train all to himself...

All alone once again...

Since he was the only one he had a big selection. He of course, chose the sparkly pink bike. :)

The rules for the obstacle course. Check out rule #4. Hehe...


He always makes funny faces for me haha. :)

That's mine. So yummy and refreshing on a hot day! 

Some of the animals...

Cole really loved the goats. 

He got to pet a pig! So much fun!!

The pigs were quite "stinky" as Cole put it. And there were a ton of them! 

I'm no farm girl, but that is one large cow! Holy moly he's big!!! 

I love the coloring on this guy...

And this one too...

So fascinating....

I'm definitely not a farm girl. I don't know the first thing about raising farm animals. But some of them are so interesting. I really enjoyed looking at the farm animals...despite the smell haha! Thanks for a fun day Lyn & Cole!! :)

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