{Annual Girls Weekend}

As mentioned in my last post, I had a girls weekend a few weeks ago. Every year Kim and Sara drive up from Vegas for a summer weekend. Since I no longer live in St. George, I flew to Vegas and we drove up together. We had a great time, as always! Every year our main reason is to see a Tuacahn show. This year we decided to splurge and see two shows. 

We drove up on Friday afternoon. We had hoped to get away sooner. But Sara ended up needing to work for half a day. Once we got there (my parents' house) we hung out for a bit and got settled. Then we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Kim's boss had given her a gift card, so we ended up with a super cheap dinner. It was nice. As we waited for our dinner, we played the table game. I don't even know what it's called, but I've been trying to beat it for years. One day that will happen. We enjoyed our dinner and then did a little browsing in the CB store. Once we left, we had some free time before we needed to head to the show. So we drove over to the temple to walk around. We had a great time and ended up taking some fun pictures. 

After walking around the temple for awhile, we headed out to Tuacahn. I decided that I wanted to get some kettle corn. But as I went to pay I was told that they had just run out. I was so disappointed! I even asked if they would have it the next day (and was told yes). We enjoyed 'The Little Mermaid' that night. It was a great show. But at the end Ursula ended up getting stuck in the trap door. All of a sudden an announcement came on saying: "Ladies and Gentlemen we're experiencing technical difficulties. Please hang on a moment."  (or something along those lines) And then all the lights came on. Then some back stage crew members came out to pull her out, collect her huge costume, and carry her off stage. Then another announcer comes on saying: "Ariel please start where you're talking to your father." (or something along those lines) Then the show continued on. It was very interesting. I've never seen anything like that at Tuacahn before. Despite that, it was still an excellent show. We were exhausted when we got home (it was late) and went straight to bed. 

We slept in a bit on Saturday. That felt nice. Most of the summer I've been woken up pretty early by a really cute little four year old. My mom was busy making a yummy breakfast...belgian waffles! They were so delicious. We had a fun day. We lounged and read our books for awhile. Then we headed out for a little lunch and shopping. We weren't planning on shopping but I really wanted a new purse. So we ended up shopping for a purse...and clothes...and other things haha. We always shop on girls weekend. So I guess it was meant to happen haha. It took several stores but I did find my new purse. I also found an adorable, super comfy, super cheap skirt at Ross. Kim and Sara found some great finds as well. Oh, and I found a really cute ring too. So much for not spending any money haha!! In the middle of shopping we went to Pizza Factory for lunch (it's tradition...we always go there). All I can say is...YUM!!! I LOVE that place!! We went back to the house, got changed, hung out for a bit, then headed to dinner. We decided to try Culver's. I think it's safe to say that we liked it. They have yummy food. And their ice cream is super creamy...yum!! 

Once done with dinner, we headed to Tuacahn for 'Wizard of Oz'. I was so excited about my kettle corn...even though I was totally stuffed to the brim! But I was very disappointed to find out they still didn't have any. The funny thing is that they totally remembered me from the night before haha. A girl NEEDS her kettle corn! But they said the popcorn was due to arrive at any time. So I paid and they said they'd deliver it to my seat. I was so excited! Well...at intermission it still hadn't arrived. What was going on? I went to find out and was told that it hadn't arrived. I was so sad, but went ahead and got my money back. I didn't get my popcorn. But I did enjoy the show. It was a little more slow moving than the night before. But like I said, I still thought it was a good show. Once again, we were exhausted when we got home. 

We had to get up REALLY EARLY on Sunday! I had a plane to catch, so we had to leave fairly early. We got up and ate my mom's yummy homemade cinnamon rolls. Then we headed out of town. I was sorta worried about missing my plane. Then on the way there, I received notice (aka text, call, and email) that my plane was delayed by about two hours. I was super bummed about that. A little while later I received noticed that my plane was now on time. That made me super happy to hear! I was not looking forward to sitting at the airport forever. And as it turns out, we got there faster than we expected. So I still sat at the airport for awhile. But that is okay. Once I got on the plane, I discovered that someone was in my seat. Oh boy. The lady in my seat told me that since someone was in her seat she took my seat. Well that makes sense...not!! So I got a flight attendant and we worked it out. Our plane left on time and I made it back to Grand Junction. My BIL picked me up. He took me to the house and left me with the cute baby. Then he went back to church with the family. When they got home from church, the kids were so excited to see me. What sweethearts! I'm blessed with the best nieces and nephews in the world. #luckyaunt <3

It was a fun weekend. We ate lots of yummy food. Saw two great shows. We laughed. We relaxed. We had an amazing time together!

Cracker Barrel

The table game

CB always has fun stuff out front

The Temple

Tuacahn night #1

Pizza Factory

No salad anywhere even compares to PF

Sara was showing how tall my bread sticks was to start with. It was too yummy today. I couldn't wait to eat it. So I took a picture when it was almost gone haha! 

Tuacahn night #2

The airport

Not only was I early. But I checked in online so I didn't have to wait in this line. And I also got put in the express security check. That was lucky. But it also made me have to sit and wait for a long time. I was okay with that. I had my kindle so I read a good book. 

Thanks for a fun girls weekend Kim and Sara! Kim...I'm totally in love with my purse!! It was a good choice. :)

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