Happy Fourth {even if it's a little late}

I had a fabulous FOURTH this year! I got back to my sister's house on July 3rd. The next day, obviously, was the fourth. We had a pretty average day. But that night we had a great time. The neighbor was having a big event. They had lots of family in town, including some family members who are in a band. So they invited several neighbors for a fun little night. There was lots of yummy food. A really great concert. And then fireworks, of course. It was a really fun night. The concert was great. And Madison kicked it on my lap. Little cutie. During the concert, Maliya danced the whole time. That girl has moves! I wouldn't be surprised if she's a dancer of some sort when she grows up. Cole played with the big kids the whole time, so he also had a blast. And I always enjoy some good fireworks, so that was fabulous. :)


Maliya's dance moves :)


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