Precious Little Ones...

Okay, so these three precious little children belonging to my sister have kept me very busy lately. Maliya continues to call me "Danni" and follow me around wherever I go. It's fun to have a little sidekick...until I have to go to the bathroom and she's sad that I have left her. She absolutely loves the song "Happy", and wants me to play it on my phone. When I do, she gets up and does the cutest dance ever!! Her latest is to get my phone and my iPad and play it on both at the same time. So cute!!! Cole and I usually do projects or play "hotel" most afternoons. He is very creative and is so much fun to play with. Lately, he loves to "send messages" (emails or texts) to people from my phone. He also loves to talk to Siri. He thinks that's the coolest thing ever. He gets a kick out of her responses! Madison has me wrapped around her little fingers. I'd sit and hold her all day if I could. My favorite stage is seriously when they're newborn and they'll just cuddle you for hours. I'm totally in love with her. She tiny and cute and so precious. Below are a few of our most recent pictures. Some of them are pretty low quality...because...well, lets face it, it's hard to get pictures of kids. They're constantly on the move. 

{I love playing aunt.}

She is full of life and full of energy!

Sunbathing beauty...

The sandbox is a recent favorite. We're out there pretty much every night. Maliya loves to get her feet buried and Cole loves to work on building giant hills together. Usually after digging for awhile, we run around in the grass, and we end up laying in the grass soaking up the sun. So much fun! But it has made for more baths than usual...they're usually covered by the time we head inside. :)

Another summer kids movie. I've really enjoyed doing this with him every Tuesday! 

Hahaha...this just made me laugh! In case you're wondering, I'd totally win the award!!! I'm a Chapstick addict. 

He loves his sister so much. He tells me all the time: "Isn't she so cute and little?"

She's been loving her glasses the last few days. She can't take them off haha. The other day after nap, we went to get her out of her room. She was kickin it on her bed. She was laying there with glasses on, laying back, just enjoying herself. What a silly girl!

Aren't those the cutest feet ever?

Watching a movie haha...he loves it. 

Ninja Turtle Soldier

Oh you know, just your typical Ninja Turtle eating his lunch. :)

I know you can't really tell from the picture. But she experienced Nutella (Hershey's brand) today. She loved it. You can see a better chocolate mustache in the other pic. But she's blinking and looks drunk. 

Play-do fun! {notice the turtle}

Another crazy face...he loves doing that for me! 

We made lots of hearts. Totally Cole's idea. :)

Bright eyes was making faces at me. 

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