{My New Home}

Well...where do I begin?? I finally moved to Provo last Saturday. I can't believe I actually did this. I made this decision several months ago. And it is actually happening now. It's crazy and SCARY!

So last Thursday I left Grand Junction and headed for St. George. On Friday and packed the truck and got everything ready to go. On Saturday morning my parents and I headed to Provo. My dad drove the truck, my mom drove her car, and I drove mine. Crazy that we drove three cars! But if we didn't, my parents wouldn't have a ride back home.

When we got to Provo, some family members came to my new place to help us move. (Uncle Rock & Aunt Paula and a few of their kids, cousin Travis and his family, my brother Ken and his family) That was certainly an adventure! I'm living in a basement apartment...with steep stairs...and narrow doorways...need I say more?? Lets just say that even after we took the doors off of the frame, we still weren't sure we were going to get my couch inside the house. But we did manage to get it all in my house. My cousin's wife was nice enough to invite us all over for dinner, knowing that we'd have nothing to eat. So we spent the day getting as much done as we could. {Thank you mom and dad} And then we headed over there for dinner. It was so nice to have my parents to help me unpack some boxes! But by the time we left for dinner, I was starving and exhausted. We had a really fun night at Travis & Becky's house!! Afterwards, my parents, Ken's kids (they're going back to St. George with my parents for the week), and I headed to my place for the night.

The next morning my mom and Hailey helped me do a little unpacking in my kitchen, while my dad packed the car, and Kody played the wii. The kids didn't last long. They were bored, especially Kody. So we said our goodbyes. They headed home and I continued the unpacking. I continued and finished the unpacking on Monday. Yay me! It only took three days...not too bad. :) Then I spent Tuesday & Wednesday hanging things on the walls, setting up my bedroom, and making my place feel like a home. That was the fun part. {Although it was the fun part, it sure wore me out too.}

I have to say that setting up my house was not that easy. I went from a two-story, three-bedroom townhome to a basement haha. Oh wow! Not only is that completely downsizing, but I've never lived somewhere this small in my entire life!! {Well maybe when I was first born and my parents were in college} It's so tiny. Seriously, even in college I lived in a pretty nice, fairly big place. So this will be a new adventure for me in so many ways. But honestly, this was all that I could afford. The nice thing is that it is really close to my job. That will be very nice. My commute just went from 30 minutes to 3 minutes. Woohoo!!

***Before you look at my pictures, you should know this. I'm combining a three bedroom home into a one bedroom basement. So I'm combining stuff from all my rooms into one room. I tried to make my whole house match, but I ended up with different shades of two different colors all over my house. {I hope it doesn't look too bad} But I basically kept all my favorite stuff out, and put the rest in storage. So for now this will have to do. Someday I'll have a matching house again. I actually do like my cute little house. But as I look around and see the different shades in my house, it does sorta bug me. So we'll see if I can deal with it haha. For now, home sweet home. Now...on to decorating my new classroom! :)

Take a look into my house. This is mostly for myself, for documenting purposes. It's always fun to look back. So if this totally bores you, don't worry about the pics haha. I tried to take as many angles as I can. :)

Front view...my door is over to the right side (remember...I live in the basement)

Front door...both mailboxes. (the upstairs neighbor...and mine) I've never had a mailbox like this. 

The garage...to the right of the house...I park on the right side

My garage...pretty spacious 

That side door is my door. Through that fence is the backyard.

The bottom windows are mine. 

Cherry Tree! :)

Okay...lets step inside. :)

The stairs to the right take you to the upstairs neighbor.

Down those steep stairs is me. 

Those cupboards provide a little storage. The door just past the cupboards is the shared laundry room.

Just past the washer and dryer is a little storage room. I've stored a few things in there that I don't have room for in my house.

I called this the "old fashioned light" lol. I've never lived in a house that had one of these! 

Okay...onto my actual house. 

*Notice the wreath hanger. My summer wreath got broken. I have a problem with summer wreaths. Something always happens to them. But I'm not ready to put out my fall wreath yet. Funny side note: In my previous ward I was told by more than one person that the way they found my house was by looking for a house with a wreath. They knew there'd always be a wreath on the door which would make it easy to find. That makes me chuckle. :)

Through the front door (sorry...it's a little blurry)

The wall across from the bathroom (the mirror will be hung as soon as I can figure out how to hang it)

The bathroom...and the cutest shower curtain! 

Thank heavens for this glorious cupboard!! This bathroom is so stinkin small!! I'm really going to miss having a tub. How will I survive without my lavender baths after a long day at work??

Okay...on to the kitchen! 

Cutest magnetic board ever!

Don't you just love those tile drawers? SO cute!

This is a decoration I made at a ward activity in the Washington 11th Ward. The picture gets changed out each month. I went ahead and put August's picture since it's practically August already. 

I love all of this counter space! Wow! 

Sorry...it's a bit blurry! But lets take a look into the living room. I'm not loving the placement of some of the pictures in the living room. So I might end up moving some of them around. And btw, it is really hard to hang pictures all by yourself!!

Okay. Lets step into the bedroom/craftroom/office/storageroom

The curtains on the closet doors were already there when I moved in. They'll probably remain open most of the time. But it's nice to know that they are there. 

Are you in love with this bedspread as much as I am? I bought it on Black Friday and wasn't quite ready to redo my room. So now was the perfect time.

We need a little something more on this desk. Or maybe it'll be nice to have the space when I'm doing Cricut projects...

Notice that cute mason jar on the night stand. My cute sister Lynnie made that for me. I seriously love it so much!!! And her cute four year old Cole decided it would look great on my night stand (without seeing my place btw). I think it looks great there! 

As you can see, the curtains don't really cover the whole closet anyways. I was going to hide the fact that my closet is full. But then I realized you can probably see it anyways. 

Craft corner! So glad this is here! Otherwise, where would I put all of my craft stuff??

Second closet...to the left are jackets and floor storage...to the right is a little storage space

Winter clothing...I am going to have to make some changes in this closet...like purchase a real winter coat.

Behind the coats...

Storage closet

There's the first closet....yes I know. I have a lot of clothes! 

I think my dresser was made for this spot. And I was worried that it might now fit. It's seriously perfect!!!

Decorations/Office Space lol. I hope to have a printer on that desk someday...

Sad day the day that your favorite Willowtree breaks. :( 

See...doesn't that desk look empty??

More bed...

Okay! That's my cute little house. I think good things are going to happen here. {At least I hope so} Sorry for so many blurry pictures. I guess I should've slowed down a little. 

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