{New Job Training}

Right after Madison was born, I headed to Provo for a two week training for my new job. My cousin Travis was nice enough to let me stay in the guest bedroom at their house. This training was Spalding training, a spelling/reading/writing program. It was a lot more intense than I expected! We were practicing our handwriting. Learning all of the phonograms. Doing homework each night. Taking daily quizzes. It was super intense and had my brain hurting every night! But I did survive. My cousin's family was laughing at me each night as I did my "homework". His daughters asked why I could possibly have homework in the summer time. Haha...I agreed with them! While there, I missed Lynnie's kids like crazy. I went from 24/7 to nothing... 

I also went house shopping. I was excited because everyone kept telling me how "cheap" housing is in Provo. Well...it is definitely not cheap. What a found was a cute little basement apartment about two minutes away from work. But it was not easy to find. And let me just give you a little glimpse into why I say housing in Provo is not cheap! In St. George I paid about $800 a month for my mortgage for a three bedroom town home. I will now be paying the same amount for a tiny little one bedroom basement apartment. See what I'm saying? 

I actually am excited about my place. It's a cute little place. But it will be a very new experience for me. I'll be sharing a washer and dryer with the upstairs renters. That's something I've never done before. I will be living in a one bedroom place. I've never done that before either. {And lets be honest...I have a lot of stuff! I just sold a three bedroom house. What do you expect?} I have a very tiny bathroom...that may be hardest part about this cute little place. But my kitchen is actually bigger than it was in my last place, with MORE counter space.  So this will be a totally new experience in so many ways for me. 

Should be fun. I'm ready for a new adventure. :)

One of my many homework assignments...

Missed these three a ton! 

My new place. My door is over on the right side of the house. There's a two car garage over to the right and I get half of it. There's a big cherry tree in the back which I'll get to enjoy. :)

Picked up my keys and garage door opener. 

At the end of my two weeks, I was driving back to Grand Junction and I kept hearing my phone. By the time I got there I had like 14 messages or something {all from cute Cole anxious to see his aunt}

And I was greeted by these lovelies once I got there...

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