A little thing we call Photo Booth :)

I can not believe that I'm actually sharing these pictures online! What am I thinking? Anyway, at the beginning of the summer I showed cute Cole this program on my computer called "Photo Booth". I'm sure that all you Mac users out there know what I'm talking about?! Well...he was instantly in love!!! The first day that I showed it to him we sat up in my room playing on Photo Booth for probably an hour giggling away at all the silly pictures we were taking. When we finally went downstairs my sister asked what we'd been doing. So of course, we had to show her. And we had to get all the kids involved. Somehow, my sister got away without getting in any of these silly pics. How did that happen?? She's a smart woman lol... But Cole and Maliya are now in love!! On my last day in Colorado we sat at the computer and took several pics...we even got baby Madison involved. As you can see from the picture above...they are both hooked!! And lets be honest, I had a blast too. I felt like I was a kid again lol. So here are a few silly pics from the summer...although we took a million!! Enjoy...and don't laugh too hard. :)

I wish I could cut myself out of this one. I'm only sharing it because Cole looks adorable. :)

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