{A Lot of Colorado}

One last Colorado post...actually that's not true. At least one more after this. #sorrynotsorry I left Colorado just over two weeks ago. Here's a few more pics from the summer. #itookamillion #wehadwaytoomuchfun At the start of the summer, Miss Maliya was not so sure about me. By the end of the summer, she didn't want me to leave. (I'm told she asks to talk to me several times a day.) Cole was already my little buddy, and is even more now. (Mostly because I will play "hotel" with him in all of its varieties.) And Madison just loves to cuddle with me. (Which I totally do not mind.) And Lyn and I got (a little) sister time...mostly when we went grocery shopping and the kids stayed home with their dad haha. No worries, we got lots of chat time while we played with the kids. 

I miss all of the Gandolas so much! Thanks for the best summer!! I love you guys. 

Here's what we did during the last part of the summer:

Cole and I went to a few more kids summer movies.

He loves holding the dollars, and paying the lady.

Lots of time with this little one...

And my new little best friend. She's totally my sidekick! And I must say...I really miss having a sidekick everywhere I go. 

Wide-Eyes, as Cole calls it. :)

Love this goof! He loves making weird faces whenever I take a picture. 

This girl decided she loves wearing sunglasses, whether they're falling off of her face, upside down, or right side up...she doesn't care. 

We started spending nights digging in the sandbox and laying in the grass. Then we headed upstairs for baths, since we were usually covered. There is something so soothing about digging in the sand. :)

Love those tiny feet! So cute! 

He loves getting comfy on the couch... :)

Sorry about the bad lighting. But she sure is cute!

Just your everyday ninja turtle eating his lunch. :)

Silly face!

And a few selfies...

I am totally in love with this!!!! Isn't it so cute?

Glasses at church...seriously this girl is so silly! 

Three super cuties!

Lots of time at swim lessons, just me and Cole. He's getting braver! But he was always "freezing" right after and all the way home. I started calling him "burrito boy" because I had to wrap him up so tight in his towel that he couldn't walk. :)

On our last time at the movies we got popcorn. He was in heaven!!

She's thinking. Deep in thought...

They fell in love with photo booth! I think it got to the point where we did photo booth everyday. Such fun times and such silly pictures!

Haha...her "hiding" spot

Snack and craft time! The best time!

She was so focused on the "colors" that I couldn't even get her to smile for the picture. It was so intriguing for me to watch her focus of her colors. She definitely had a plan on her mind. It was really cute. 

She loved drinking Aunt Mandi's water. Now she's obsessed with ice water! Sorry Lyn. :( But it's really cute. 

She requested the silly pictures. :)

Right before I left for the summer...saying goodbye.

Cole and Lyn made me a gift to say thank you. I love it!!!

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