Final pictures of my house :)

I should've posted this a long time ago. But posting this makes it final. {Although it's been final for two months.} I really wish I would've shared this sooner so that I'd remember all of the little details. I actually kept notes in my phone. But I lost my note. :( 

On moving day my amazing mother drove the biggest truck ever for me. By the way, it was WAY too big. But that's okay. Some awesome guys from my ward showed up and helped pack the truck. They were amazed at how prepared I was. Several guys that came to help told me that not many people are actually packed up when you come to help them move. They said I made it easy because all they had to do was move the furniture and boxes into the truck. I was kinda blown away by those comments. People actually expect them to come pack their house for them? Wow! In my opinion, it's nice enough of them to come pack the truck for me. They should not have to pack my house too. Once we got everything packed into the truck, we drove the truck to my parents' house. This time my dad drove because he was off of work at that point. We packed everything nice and tight into my parents' garage where it was staying for the summer. I went back the next day to do some cleaning. I deep cleaned the house so it would be ready for the new tenants to move in. I also did a little touch up on the walls. There were several dings in the walls from moving out. I kept finding new things to clean and touch up. (I'm a perfectionist) After several hours I had to tell myself to be done. So I took a few last pictures and I was on my way. I said goodbye to this house I've owned and lived in for the last five years. That was a lot harder than I ever thought it would be!! 

Goodbye Bluff View #33! :(


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