Cute kid stories from the weekend:

1 - 
I was eating breakfast out on the patio with the kids. I told them that I'd be going to the dentist in a little bit to get a small cavity filled. Cole (age 4, dad is a dentist) says: "If you eat a lot of junk food, you get cavities. I said: "Yes that's right. You can also get cavities if you don't brush your teeth good enough." Reed (age 5, a very curious kid) looks me straight in the eyes and says: "So Mandi, which one was it for you?"

2 - 
Cole asked Asher how old he was. Asher said that he was three. So then Cole tells Asher that he's four. But Cole says to Asher: "Your head is a lot bigger than mine. So we're pretty much the same age."

How did I get the funniest nephews around??

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