Baby Madison blessing weekend....only a month ago!

This sweet little one brought us all together (most of us) the weekend that she was blessed! We were so grateful that sweet little one brought us all together. Below are WAY TOO MANY pictures of that weekend. But, as my family puts it, no need to take pictures when Mandi is around. But I love pictures. When I'm feeling down or missing someone the pictures are my way of feeling better. They bring back amazing memories and make me feel happy again!! :)

When I arrived in Colorado, Cole told me that my trunk was pretty small and he didn't think he'd fit in there. So we gave it a try and there was plenty of room to spare. He then told me that his trunk is pretty big and that I should just sleep in there. He didn't think I needed a room. Haha, silly boy. I think I'll sleep in the house. 

Cute Madison...Once again, I took lots of pics of this little miss!!!

Cole calls this "wide eyed". So cute. 

Yummm! Look at that cookie. :)

It was so nice outside...I didn't get the bug spray fast enough and the mosquitos
 had a hayday with me! 

Grandma and her girls

Me with two cute little nieces :)

The kids sleeping room. By the end of the weekend, most of them had dispersed to other rooms. 

The three boys cuddled up to Megan when getting ready for bed. Little cuties.

Haha...we were both waiting to use the bathroom to get ready for bed. But it was a little crowded. My mom found us in this window seat hanging out with our technology. Super fun sister time!

She loves to pull funny faces for me. Just like her big brother. :)

Breakfast on the patio...oh so fun!

Hailey was desperate for a "girl picture" because there were boys everywhere. Grandpa Jack wasn't gong to have any of that! So he photobombed us!!

Maliya loves to hold Madison. She never lasts very long. But it's so cute. 

Hailey is in love with this little girl. She was so cute! The first time holding Madison she asked me to sit by her and help her out. She told me that Finn (her baby brother) was never that little so she was nervous. She was of course a natural though. 

Isn't she adorable??

I love Reeder!! 

Hahaha...just being silly!! 

She looks like she's crying. But I promise she's laughing! 

Kody wanted to just sit and read amongst all the craziness...

This girl loves her sunglasses! 

This cutie looks a little sleepy. 

Fun times at "The Building Store" aka The Home Depot

Cute Cousins. We were at a fun little carnival type thing at the park. These two had loads of fun together!!

Three very cool cousins! Cole's face kills me here! 

She's in love 

S'mores yum! We had so much fun hanging out by the fire pit, making S'mores, and just having fun.

Girl Time! 

That little foot is so cute. Such a girl, with her legs crossed. :)

That face is so cute!!


Not the best pic, but she wouldn't hold still. I'm in love with her dress!!

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