{I Miss Them}

{I need to preface this by saying that I simply adore all nine of my nieces and nephews. I love them all the same. And I miss each one of them quite often. If I had the money, I'd visit all of them all of the time. Their parents might get sick of me lol.}

But spending my summer with these three has forever changed me. I never knew I'd feel the way I do now. It's been over a month since I left Colorado. But I miss them so much that I can't even handle it! 

My time with them this summer was, to say the least, exhausting. I didn't get to sleep in, like I usually do in the summertime. And they simply wore me out on a daily basis. But I seriously loved every minute of it. 

And now that I'm back to life as a school teacher, I miss these three more than words can express. I miss them stealing my water bottle. I miss taking Cole to his swim lessons. I miss going to the summer kids movies with Cole. I miss holding sweet baby Madison. I miss having Madison spit up all over me, all the time. I swear you spits up on me more than anyone else! I miss laying in the grass with Cole & Maliya. I miss being called 'Danni' because Maliya couldn't quite say 'Mandi'. I miss playing with Cole...maybe I don't miss playing 'hotel' but I do miss playing with him. ;) I miss playing in the sandbox. I miss our nightly 'dance parties'. I miss my little sidekick Maliya who followed me wherever I would go. And I miss so much more... 

Love these three little cuties. 

Lynnie, thanks for an incredible summer! I love you!! :)

A random sprinkling of the millions of photos I took this summer:

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