{Matchy Matchy}

My mom and my sister Megan made shirts for each of the grandkids...all nine of them! So while we were in Colorado for blessing weekend, we dressed all of the kids up in their shirts. And we {tried} to take pictures. It wasn't easy! We had everything from runners, to criers, to mad poses, to happy smilers haha. It was quite funny to watch. Here are a few of the pics taken that day. I didn't really get any great ones. But I'm completely in love with my nine adorable nieces and nephews! So looking at these pictures makes me smile a very happy smile. I love these cuties!!!

Cole's pose :)

Extremely adorable! 

She getting ready to run...

There she goes...

Cole haha...he's killing me with these poses! 

Kody's silly face...too bad Finn is hiding. 

This is one of my faves...Maliya was not going to have anything to do with that! She is gone...

Haha...nice work Hailey!!


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