Birthday Weekend!!

Birthday Weekend was incredible this year! Months in advance I bought tickets to Wicked!! When it got closer I decided to take Friday off from work. My actual birthday was Monday, October 27th. I took the previous Friday off (the 24th), and went to Wicked on Saturday (the 25th). 

It all started on Thursday. As soon as I was done with work, I headed to St. George. I went to dinner with three of my favorite people...McKenna, Brooke, and Amberly!! I love these gals and always have a fabulously good time when I'm with them. After a great dinner and lots of laughs we headed to the hot tub. Oh man...I didn't realize how much I missed that place!! Oh, it was amazing. I miss having a hot tub so much! 

The next day I slept in for a bit. Then I worked on my report cards since they had to be finished that day. I wouldn't normally do school stuff during birthday weekend. But this time, it just had to be done. Then I headed to meet my good friend Lindsi. We had a fun lunch. Then we went to her new house. It was fun to see her new house. It's so cute! Then I got my hair cut and colored by Lindsi in her new salon (in her house). Oh I've needed that so badly!! It felt so good to finally get it done. Thank you Lindsi! She always does such an amazing job on my hair. And the grays are now hidden again. :) And I am just loving the dark!!! After the haircut, my mom and I headed to Vegas to my sister Meg's house.We had a fun night there. We celebrated my birthday with a good dinner, super yummy cake, and adorable presents made for me by my sister and her cute boys. (Actually I think we did presents the next morning??) I love the very thoughtful gifts that they gave me. Totally made my day! (Reed's gift is hanging on my fridge)

Saturday was also a super fun day. On Saturday morning the boys and my sister (Primary Pres) had primary program practice. So my mom, Lila, Ryan (BIL) and I went shopping at Target. We had fun, but who doesn't have fun at Target?? ;) Lila was such a cute, silly girl all morning. She was singing and have a great time in the car. After they were done we headed back to the house and just hung out for awhile. Then we went up to Redrock and my mom and I helped take their family pictures. It was crazy windy and there was a wedding happening in our spot. So it was a bit crazy but hopefully they got a few good ones. :) After that we headed back to the house and had dinner. And then it was time for what I'd been waiting for....WICKED! My mom, Meg, and I headed to the Smith Center. We had a fabulous time. We took fun pics outside the Smith Center, watched the fabulous play, and then went out for ice cream after. We had quite the adventure that night. We partied all night long! Haha not really...but we stayed out later than I have in a very long time!! After the show we went to the strip and went to 'Serendipity'. I've wanted to go there for years (ever since the movie) so we decided it'd be fun to go there. It was so fun and the portions were huge! (Luckily, the three of us shared two) I still want to go in New York someday!! 

The next morning we went to church. We got to see the boys in their primary program. So cute! Afterwards, my mom and I headed back to St. George. 

When we got to St. George, we hung with my dad and my cute niece Hailey (she was staying with my parents for the week). We had a little lunch. And then I opened my birthday presents from my parents. Hailey was so cute to give me each present to be opened. I love that girl! After I opened all of my presents, it was nap time. I still had a four hour drive and was exhausted from the previous night. The three of them relaxed to a movie while I went and took a long nap. After I woke up, we said our goodbyes and I headed back to Provo. 

It was such a fun weekend! What an incredible birthday celebration. Thanks Meg for hosting my birthday weekend! Love ya!! I'm glad that I had such a great weekend. I have to say my actual birthday was pretty crappy. It was on a Monday. I hate Mondays anyway. But it ended up begin a really hard work day. So I'm glad that I had the birthday weekend to make up for the fact that my actual birthday wasn't that great. A friend did take me out for a yummy birthday dinner at at least it ended well! :) 

As you can see...the friend dinner was really fun!! 

Don't worry, not one of us could get the coupon to scan!! 

This girl cracks me up! She definitely has her own little personality!! 

Waiting for the show to start...

Serendipity desserts...yum!

cute kiddos before the primary program...

Isn't my mom amazing?? She made this for me! I love it so much!!!

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