Busy, busy girl...

I'm so sorry my lovely readers! Life has been so overwhelming the last few months. I don't think I've EVER gone this long without blogging. Life has been so many things lately. And if I had to sum up my life from the last two months I think I'd have to say: EXHAUSTING & OVERWHELMING. I'll do my best to catch you all up. 

For starters, I had to laugh when I saw this picture with the caption: "Dating a Busy Girl". She definitely looks busy...about like my current life. Except minus the dating part. I'm definitely not doing any dating these days. 

I can't believe it's November! Almost Mid-November. And (knock on wood) it hasn't snowed here yet. I'm sure it'll happen soon. But as of today, November 10th, by some miracle we have not yet seen any snow. Any my cute little sister gets home from her mission in just 49 days!! 

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