Elizabeth Smart, My Story

If you haven't read/listened to this book, I highly recommend it! It is such a beautiful story! I can't believe that after all she went through during those nine months that she is the person she is today. I recently took a Birthday trip down to St. George and Vegas. On my way home I listened to this touching story. I made for a great car ride home. I was so touched and inspired by her story. What an inspiration to us all! She is truly a remarkable woman. She is very strong to have been able to go through the things she went through. I really don't think I could have been as strong as she was through all of her sufferings. Listening to this story made me count my blessings. I realized what a wonderful life I really have had and that, although I've had many trials, they don't compare to what she went through. I realize that we all have our own trials and heartaches in this life. But hearing about these experiences really made me think about my own life and put it into perspective. She is truly amazing! I am so glad that she was willing to share her story with the world. 

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