{Grandpa Steel}

My sweet Grandpa Steel hasn't been doing too well recently. A few weeks ago we weren't sure he'd be around more than a few days. He had a really bad fall. He could hardly move, was in a lot of pain, slept all day, and wasn't eating. My parents and my Aunt Sue decided they wanted to head up to Northern Utah to see him. It happened to be my Fall Break so I was able to spend some time up there with them. They drove up to Provo after work and stayed at my place. We went to a yummy dinner and then ice cream after. That ice cream was amazing! I've been dreaming about it ever since...I guess I need to go back!!! The next morning we got up and drove up to Syracuse where my aunt and uncle live. My grandpa is currently living with them. We spent the day there. And my Uncle Matt & Aunt Michelle ending up driving down as well. So we all spent the day there. We chatted, visited with grandpa, and had a great day. Grandpa isn't very responsive these days. But we could tell that he was happy and had a great day. After that day, he started eating again. So I guess he just needed a few visitors to keep him going. :)

Not the best picture. It was taken in the moving car. Me and Aunt Sue! 

A few candids:

There's always talk of sewing and quilting when you get these fun ladies together!!

My mom loving on her dad...he was not too happy about her knocking his hat off. She promptly fixed it for him. :)

Such a sweet old man... :) I love this man so much! I have very fond memories of visiting he and my grandma when I was a kid. We visited often. My poor parents taking all of us kids on such a long car ride. I'm glad they did it though. I have such a love for my grandparents!!

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