{Happy Birthday to me}

I have the sweetest (yet most talkative) students this year! They totally threw me a birthday celebration. They were so sneaky about it too. They knew I'd be gone the Friday before my birthday and they thought I'd know they'd plan something on my actual birthday. So they did it the Wednesday before my birthday. One little girl in my class has a mom who works across the hall. So this cute little girl and her friends who are in my class got together and planned it. The lady across the hall and a few other teachers helped out with it. At our school when the bell rings, you go outside to pick up your kids. Well I headed out and another teacher headed out with me. We were talking and she told me: "Today we can't go in until 3rd & 4th grade go in." I didn't understand why she would say that. But then she was like oh never mind (later she told me she decided that wouldn't work since those teachers weren't outside yet). When we got inside, my kids were at their lockers getting their things. Another teacher came up to me and started talking to me. I was having a great time but she usually goes straight to her classroom. So I was definitely a little surprised. (The previous afternoon I saw her talking to some of my students and was worried there was a problem of some sort. I later found out that they were asking her to distract me the next morning. Haha...creative kids!) When I finally headed to my room a teacher stopped me in the hall and said "I need to talk to you for a minute". But then she said "Oh never mind we can talk later." I was really worried and tried to get it out of her. But she was just trying to stall me but then realized my room was ready haha. I started to walk in my room and the lights were out. I thought that was weird. As my students finish at their lockers, they usually head in the room and start their morning work. I head down there when most of the class is finished at lockers. So a dark room was weird. But as I walked in I saw that my room had been completely decorated in pink everything ( I love pink!! ) and they started singing Happy Birthday to me. What a fun surprise!! It made for a really great day. (minus the fact that the kids were super hyper all day haha). But I truly am blessed to have amazing students!! What sweeties!!

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