Here are a few 'selfies' from the last few months. I really enjoy documenting the moment. One of my favorite things to do is to look back at pictures/albums and think of the fond memories. I'm often alone so 'selfies' have become pretty common for me. 

But 'selfies' have taken a whole new meaning for me recently. About a month ago I was on a field trip with my students. We were hiking in the mountains looking for changes in the Earth (erosion, deposition, etc.). I was taking pictures galore so I'd have a little something to put on the class blog. As I was taking pictures I had a few students who kept jumping into the pictures. You always have those few who want to be in every picture. Last year my students were in love with 'photo bombing' each other haha. Silly kids. Anyway, we were near the end of the field trip. I put away my actual camera and pulled out my phone. I wanted to take a 'selfie' with the pretty leaves in the background. There were some students standing in front of me. They saw me taking a picture (and didn't realize I was taking a selfie). They said: "Oh take a selfie of me". As this continued and they kept asking me to "take a selfie of me",  I realized that the meaning of 'selfie' has changed. To these cute fifth graders, "take a selfie of me" actually means "take a picture of me". It's just so funny how things change and evolve. 

That being said, here are a few 'selfies' of myself. With my new definition of selfies, I included a few pictures that are not selfies at all. But here you go...enjoy a few pictures of me. Happy Tuesday! 

Yes my dad really did 'photo bomb' our picture! Sweet Hailey just wanted a little  girl time and silly grandpa jumps in haha. :)

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