ABout a month ago my sister and her family were staying in Salt Lake. My BIL Nick was having eye surgery so they were staying for about a week. Nick spent most of the time in the hotel with his eyes closed while Lyn tried to entertain her cute kids. The second I was off of work on Friday I headed up to Thanksgiving Point to meet my sister and the kids at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. I think they were pretty excited to see me, especially my sister. It sounds like they had quite the adventure before I got there. We had so much fun exploring for hours. Partway through our fun day sweet Madison fell asleep in my arms. I didn't mind holding this sweet sleeping baby. If you haven't gone exploring at this museum, you should do it. It is such a fun place! 
I spent all weekend with them either hanging out, exploring, or shopping. We spent some time at Costco (they don't have one where they live). We hung out at Toys R Us ... that may have been the kids' favorite part of the weekend lol. We went to visit Grandpa Steel. We went and fed the ducks at BYU. We tried to watch conference. :) We had a yummy brunch on Sunday. We went to Tucano's with the Joneses. I got to have my free birthday dinner at Tucano''s also the favorite place of my sister and BIL. We did a lot in our short little weekend together.

We had an amazing weekend! I was so glad to have family to hang out with!! 

Thanks for hanging with me Gandolas! 

Yep...we hung out at Toys R Us!

What a good looking driver :)

This girl loved driving the cars! 

Cole was a good sport when Maliya wanted to be in the same car but wanted to drive. :)

Precious sleeping baby...

Love my little cuties!!

I think this is my favorite thing that happened all weekend. Silly girl. She found my laundry basket. Dumped all my clean laundry out. Tipped the laundry basket over upside down. Then moved it to where she wanted it. She climbed up on top and tried to get my computer. I was in the other room so I had no idea this was happening...until I heard 'Mani I can't do it' (said in the cutest little voice). I walked in the room to discover this haha. My heart melted because she's so dang cute! 

I don't think it's going to take Madison very long to outgrow her sister...Maliya's in trouble lol!!

Sunday Funday ... feeding the ducks and exploring!


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