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Project Life

Project Life App...a definite life changer for me!

Over Thanksgiving I discovered the most amazing app ever!! It is called Project Life. It is simply amazing. I feel like it was designed specifically for me. (Obviously that's not true, but it certainly feels that way) I've always loved scrapbooking. It all started in high school. I did a young women's Personal Progress project where I created a scrapbook, documenting my life with pictures. Ever since then, I've been an avid scrapbooker. I've gone through many different phases of scrapbooking, but I've always loved it. Now I'm at a point in my life where I'm busier than ever and I don't see life slowing down anytime soon. That is why this app is perfect for me. I can create 12x12 scrapbook pages straight from my phone or iPad within minutes. I prefer the iPad because it's a little bit bigger. It makes it easier when I'm typing to see if I had any typos. But the phone is just as easy. I can l…

{Thanskgiving 2014}

{I should've written this sooner. I started it right after Thanksgiving. But then life got crazy and I am just now finishing this (Dec. 31). Unfortunately I can't remember all of the details since I waited so long to write this. Lesson learned I guess.}
This year I spent Thanksgiving in Vegas at my sister Megan's house. I got out of school on Tuesday. I headed to St. George that night and spent the night at my parents' house. We drove down to Vegas on Wednesday and spent the day with Meg and her family. Then Thursday was Thanksgiving and we spent the day doing fun Thanksgiving things. We went to the park Thanksgiving morning. It was a really fun park, with lots of cool stuff. The kids had a blast! Then we went back to the house. Meg and Ryan made an amazing spread of food for dinner. It was yummy! It was of course delicious and we were all stuffed by the time dinner was over. 
We decided to do some online shopping that day, and we ended up not needing to go out. I was…

Twice clothing

My sister Megan told me about this new website called Twice Clothing. They buy and sell awesome pre-loved clothing, purses, and more. I signed up and got all of these items below for $1 with the great promotions that they offer! They will only buy high-end brands and they have to be in top condition. So you know you are getting quality when you shop through them! They'll buy your used clothes and handbags too, and they've got a $20.00 promo going on right now, so try to take advantage of it if you can! Click this link create an account to receive a $10 credit. Then start shopping! You can find some great treasures! When I signed up, they gave me credit for downloading the app to each of my devices. I'm not sure if they're still doing this, but it's definitely worth checking out. That saved me lots of money! You can also like their facebook page to find coupons and deals. They also have a great return policy. When I received my items, one of the…