{Thanskgiving 2014}

{I should've written this sooner. I started it right after Thanksgiving. But then life got crazy and I am just now finishing this (Dec. 31). Unfortunately I can't remember all of the details since I waited so long to write this. Lesson learned I guess.}

This year I spent Thanksgiving in Vegas at my sister Megan's house. I got out of school on Tuesday. I headed to St. George that night and spent the night at my parents' house. We drove down to Vegas on Wednesday and spent the day with Meg and her family. Then Thursday was Thanksgiving and we spent the day doing fun Thanksgiving things. We went to the park Thanksgiving morning. It was a really fun park, with lots of cool stuff. The kids had a blast! Then we went back to the house. Meg and Ryan made an amazing spread of food for dinner. It was yummy! It was of course delicious and we were all stuffed by the time dinner was over. 

We decided to do some online shopping that day, and we ended up not needing to go out. I was very excited about that!!! I am so done with the Black Friday business. The last few years I have decided that it's no longer worth it. So I was beyond thrilled when we decided not to go out shopping! And we were able to find everything we needed online. Yay! 

During the week we also played games. Tenzi was a new game that we discovered and we had a blast playing that. We played a simplified version with the kids. They really enjoyed it. But we also played after the kids went to bed, and had a total blast!! My mom usually works Friday morning but she asked for the late shift so that we could stay a little longer. Friday morning we got up and chilled a bit. Then we went out for a little shopping around 10 am. It was nice because the stores were dead! We found a few things that we needed without fighting any crowds. Yay!! Then we headed back to St. George so that my mom could get to work. That was nice so I could have a few days to relax before heading home to Provo. It was a really nice week. I'm glad I was able to spend Thanksgiving with family. Such a great holiday! Thanks Meg & Ryan for hosting me. :)

Cute Lila girl...notice her apron. She loves saying her own name and I think it's adorable!

Asher wanted to make these cute turkeys. So we made them on Wednesday night. They they were placed by each plate the next day.

Tenzi! Such a fun game!

Ashie B. at the park. Cute kid :)

Me and Lila baby. Love this cutie pie! 

Park Fun! This park was awesome!

That girl and her propped up and crossed legs was killing me. I couldn't help but take a picture. Isn't she cute?

The Thanksgiving table...

Isn't that the cutest place setting ever?!

Lots of yummy, yummy food!

Kitchen helpers

Thanksgiving Selfie :)

The boys tried on Meg's jammie pants. So funny!

It was the beginning of Fall in St. George. It felt so weird to see such beautiful trees when all the trees in Provo were already dead. But look at these beauties!!! 

Just got home...trying on my new scarf (Black Friday sale)

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