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To Be Humbled...

I humbled myself in front of my students today. I usually carry my phone in my pocket during the day. Today I was wearing a skirt so I set my phone on my desk right next to my computer. I gave my students a writing assignment to work on. Then I stepped out of the room to speak to a student. When I returned, my phone was gone. I was very upset! I told my students that if any of them knew anything they better be honest and come forward sometime today. My students told me that I should ask the teacher next door to call my phone and then I'd hear it ring. But they said I'd need to make sure she a,ready has my phone number in her phone or this won't work. Apparently giving her my number won't work. She has to already have it. 😊
When I sent my students to lunch I started searching everywhere. I ended up finding it under my desk in this basket full of toys I've taken away from students. I don't know how it got there. There's a number of possibilities. I considered…


January has been an interesting month. Most years January is a calm month. It's a month that after all of the craziness of the holidays feels quite calm and peaceful. But this year January has been anything but calm and peaceful. It's been full of excitement. It's been so busy that some nights I can't even think straight by the time I get into bed. But it's been wonderful. Here are a few pictures to prove it:  Lots of sister dates. I love every minute of it! Whether we're grabbing food somewhere, working out together, or just hanging out. It is the best!! I've missed this girl.
Getting myself back to the gym. I've needed this in my life. I'm glad I finally got the motivation that I needed in order to go back. 
Lots of scarf wearing. It has actually been quite wonderful weather. But early morning and late night have been quite chilly.
A few visits from dad. It's nice when he travels for work and we get to see him. He was excited to get in on the…

{The Lord's Timing}

Wow! My sister sent me the link to this talk earlier today. I sat down and read the talk tonight after my dinner. What a wonderful talk! It was the perfect talk for me to sit down and read tonight. If you struggle with timing in your life, you should read this talk. One thing that really touched me was that in our prayers rather than saying: "Thy will be done" we should say "Thy timing be done". That hit me like a ton of bricks. I have honestly never even thought about it that way. But honestly, I often struggle with the Lord's timing. I often want the blessing that I desire from the Lord right now. But according to this article, when we don't respect the Lord's timing we are not respecting Him. We are saying that we know better than the Lord. I know I certainly don't know better than the Lord. I've learned that a time or two in my life.

In this talk, Elder Oaks quotes Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, 4-5, 7. It reads:

To every thing there is a season, and a…


Most current picture I could find...not everyone is pictured here. 
Today my sister and I were talking with my home teachers from my Mid Singles Ward. My home teachers were mentioning that they feel like talking to your family members once every 2-3 months is perfectly normal. They were talking about how in the past they've dated girls who have talked to their families weekly and that they simply didn't understand why. They also mentioned that some people are actually friends with their family members and that why really didn't understand this concept at all. Well, this really got me thinking about my family. I talk to family members quite often...certainly not months apart. I truly think of my family members as my friends. I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. They are wonderful people in my life and I am so grateful for them. I'm grateful that I was born to this family and for the wonderful people that they are! Love them all!! 


Well, it definitely wasn't a perfect week, but it alright. I gained about 1/2 a pound, which just means that I need to work harder this coming week. Losing weight is so hard!!! Especially when you love food as much as I do...grrrr! 

{Feeling Grateful Tonight}

Last Sunday (exactly a week ago) I posted here about what a rough day I had, and about how lonely I was feeling. This week has been a lot different thanks to a particular blessing in my life. That blessing is my sister Kayla. We've been close ever since she was born. I was almost 15 years old when she was born, so I spent lots of time babysitting her (and I certainly didn't mind). Over the years we've spent lots of "sister time" together. While she was on her mission, I missed that time like crazy. I was certainly proud of her, and I was super grateful that we still had email and letters! But I've felt especially close to her this past week, which I'm really grateful for. 
This week has been absolutely wonderful! I've come to realize a blessing that I am so grateful for. A blessing that I have longed for in my life. I have a sister living by me, practically with me. :) I'm so grateful to be living here in Provo right now. I don't think my sis…

Rough Day

You know, sometimes life is really interesting. Earlier this year I accepted a job in Provo. I took a huge leap of faith and decided to move. I quit my job, sold my house, and headed to Provo. Read more here and here. I felt very strongly that this was the right choice. At the time I didn't realize how hard the move would be. I have met some wonderful people here and I'm very grateful for that. I really love my job, which has been a huge blessing. But I miss so many people! I miss my favorite gal pals Brooke & McKenna. I miss my crazy ward (Washington 11th Ward) and all of the wonderful people in it. I miss having my parents close by. I miss so many wonderful friends. Most of all...I really, really miss my house!!! Honestly, selling my house was such a difficult decision. And I miss it like crazy.
Although I miss all of these things, most days are good days. I'm so busy with my job that I don't have time to think about it. But Sundays are hard. I tend to have more…


If you read my last post, you know that I just added exercise to my routine. Well I also decided to join a weight loss challenge. (Jan. 3-Feb. 28)
Remember this?? I started the "Thinner Winners" weight loss challenge about a year ago. (Click on the link for more details)
I just started another weight loss challenge. The same friend who started the "Thinner Winners" has just started another challenge. This is the "HOPE" weight lose challenge. I'm happy to say that I am starting the "hope" challenge FIVE pounds less than what I ended the "thinner winners" challenge at. That was happy news to me! Each week, I have to share a picture of my scale with my group leader. I'm not brave enough to share that with the world, so I'll be covering that up in my picture each week. 
My weight is quite an obstacle for me. I have two problems: I hate exercise and I love food! That is a very bad combo. And here's the thing with me: I can&…

{New Year, New Me}

Well guys. I did it. I joined the gym this week! I've been wanting to do it for awhile, but things kept getting in the way. My sister getting home from her mission and wanting to join the gym together was just the push that I needed! We both joined the gym this week. And I'm proud to say that I've worked out every day since I've joined (minus Sunday aka the day of rest). I have quite the love/hate relationship with the gym. But I've known for awhile that I needed to get my butt in gear. I'm glad I had my sister to give me that little push that I needed! :)
I've always had a hard time exercising because I hate it. It's long and boring and really hard to get through. I've tried multiple different forms of exercise and have never found one that I "enjoy". I have short legs and bad asthma which makes pretty much every form of exercise torture. So I turn on my music and try to pretend that I'm having a good time. If I can distract my mind,…