{Feeling Grateful Tonight}

Last Sunday (exactly a week ago) I posted here about what a rough day I had, and about how lonely I was feeling. This week has been a lot different thanks to a particular blessing in my life. That blessing is my sister Kayla. We've been close ever since she was born. I was almost 15 years old when she was born, so I spent lots of time babysitting her (and I certainly didn't mind). Over the years we've spent lots of "sister time" together. While she was on her mission, I missed that time like crazy. I was certainly proud of her, and I was super grateful that we still had email and letters! But I've felt especially close to her this past week, which I'm really grateful for. 

This week has been absolutely wonderful! I've come to realize a blessing that I am so grateful for. A blessing that I have longed for in my life. I have a sister living by me, practically with me. :) I'm so grateful to be living here in Provo right now. I don't think my sister realizes what a blessing she has been to me. It's so great to have her here. It's wonderful to see the person who she has become these last eighteen months on her mission. She has taught me so much over these past few weeks as she has been in Provo! I don't think there are even words to express how I feel about what who she is and what she has taught me. I feel deeply that she is a big part of why I needed to move to Provo. I needed to be near her and learn the things that she has to teach me. I don't want to share the details of what she has taught me, because it's pretty personal. But I love her and I am so grateful to have her here with me!! I'm not sure she even understands the influence she's been to me, just over this past week. I'm the older sister and I'm supposed to be the example. But she is definitely the example in my life. I am truly becoming a better person because of her. She has turned my somewhat lonely life into a much brighter one. I am forever grateful to her for that!!! I love you Kayla!!! <3

A few of my favorites from this week:

-FroYo and movie night
-Eating out at our favorite places
-Hanging with her and Ben
-Her visiting me at school
-Sunday dinner together
-Her spending LOTS of time at my house
-My favorite: Our sister talks...the best part of my day today was our time to talk this morning

Gym Time! (I wish the picture wasn't blurry)

Her first visit to Cafe Rio after her mission...glad I got to experience that with her. :) We used to have lots of sister dates to that yummy place.

She's gorgeous

Her and her super great boyfriend Ben. Love them both so much. They are the cutest!! :)

She likes to visit my classroom...I'm totally okay with that. I look horrible in this picture though. :( The kids in my class thought she was older than me.....probably because of the way I looked that day!  (Not trying to get down on myself. Just sayin: I was not looking my best on that day.)

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