If you read my last post, you know that I just added exercise to my routine. Well I also decided to join a weight loss challenge. (Jan. 3-Feb. 28)

Remember this?? I started the "Thinner Winners" weight loss challenge about a year ago. (Click on the link for more details)

I just started another weight loss challenge. The same friend who started the "Thinner Winners" has just started another challenge. This is the "HOPE" weight lose challenge. I'm happy to say that I am starting the "hope" challenge FIVE pounds less than what I ended the "thinner winners" challenge at. That was happy news to me! Each week, I have to share a picture of my scale with my group leader. I'm not brave enough to share that with the world, so I'll be covering that up in my picture each week. 

My weight is quite an obstacle for me. I have two problems: I hate exercise and I love food! That is a very bad combo. And here's the thing with me: I can't just cut everything out all at once. When I do that I end up binge eating all of my favorite foods in one day. What works best for me is setting limits. I can eat one brownie rather than a whole pan. I eat one serving rather than going back for seconds. And of course there are some things that I do cut out. But I know myself well enough to know that I have to be careful. So it's all about portion control for me! I know people who cut out sweets 100% and I really honestly can not do that. I have to have something sweet after my meal, even if it's one hershey's kiss. I have to have something or I'm never satisfied. Believe me, I've tried cutting those things out. And I honestly have gone weeks without ever feeling satisfied because of it. I may not lose weight as quickly as others because of this. But I know that this is what works for me and that I just have to stick with it. 

With that being said, I'd love any diet tips you could share. Recipes, tips, healthy treats, etc. Bring them on!! Please!!! I know I can't do this alone. So please share anything that you have found to be helpful in all of your dieting/weight loss journeys. 

Thank you everyone!!!

As part of this challenge, each week we have a quote to focus on. At the end of the week, we send in our scale, quote, front view, side view, and measurements. That is why you see quotes with the pictures. 

Day 1 (Jan. 4)

End of Week 1 (Jan. 10)

End of Week 2 (Jan. 17)

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