January has been an interesting month. Most years January is a calm month. It's a month that after all of the craziness of the holidays feels quite calm and peaceful. But this year January has been anything but calm and peaceful. It's been full of excitement. It's been so busy that some nights I can't even think straight by the time I get into bed. But it's been wonderful. Here are a few pictures to prove it: 
Lots of sister dates. I love every minute of it! Whether we're grabbing food somewhere, working out together, or just hanging out. It is the best!! I've missed this girl.

Getting myself back to the gym. I've needed this in my life. I'm glad I finally got the motivation that I needed in order to go back. 

Lots of scarf wearing. It has actually been quite wonderful weather. But early morning and late night have been quite chilly.

A few visits from dad. It's nice when he travels for work and we get to see him. He was excited to get in on the selfie action! 

Lots of enjoying time at home with people I love. 

Food delivered by those I love! 

And some days have felt like I just need to make it to summer, and today is one day closer. 

Now it's on to February. Lets see if February is just as crazy as January has been!!! 

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