To Be Humbled...

I humbled myself in front of my students today. I usually carry my phone in my pocket during the day. Today I was wearing a skirt so I set my phone on my desk right next to my computer. I gave my students a writing assignment to work on. Then I stepped out of the room to speak to a student. When I returned, my phone was gone. I was very upset! I told my students that if any of them knew anything they better be honest and come forward sometime today. My students told me that I should ask the teacher next door to call my phone and then I'd hear it ring. But they said I'd need to make sure she a,ready has my phone number in her phone or this won't work. Apparently giving her my number won't work. She has to already have it. 😊

When I sent my students to lunch I started searching everywhere. I ended up finding it under my desk in this basket full of toys I've taken away from students. I don't know how it got there. There's a number of possibilities. I considered telling my students that the situation had been dealt with and not to worry about it because my phone was back. I decided honesty was a better approach though. When we returned from lunch another teacher pulled me aside and asked what happened to my phone. She said that some of my students were investigating the situation during lunch. They're so funny. 

I decided to tell my class right away what had happened. I started by asking: "Do you ever make mistakes?" "Yes" was there response. "Do I ever make mistakes?" Again "yes" was there response. "Does everyone make mistakes?" "Yes" was once again their response. I then proceeded to tell them where I had found my phone. I told them that I didn't know how it got there. I then told them that it didn't matter whether it fell, someone put it there, or how it had happened. I told them that I had made a mistake in assuming that someone had taken it and that I was very sorry. It was very difficult to admit this in front of my students. But I hope that they learned a real-life lesson today. I know I sure did! #lifelessonlearnedwhileteaching 

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