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A Valentine's like no other...

Hi there! I know that Valentine's was a few weeks ago now. But this year's Vday needs to be documented. Those who know me or who read my blog regularly know that I wish I weren't single. Valentines, in my opinion, is the worst day of the entire year. February, therefore, is the worst month out of the year. That may just sound like a girl with a bad attitude. But if you'd been through what I've been through, then you'd say that I deserve to feel that way. 
Valentines Day is the most depressing day out of the year for me. I usually promptly put on my PJs upon returning home from work that day. I then spend my evening just crying and crying and crying. I've been told in the past that I shouldn't allow myself to do that, that I shouldn't allow myself to feel that sadness. Well I don't think it is healthy to keep those feelings all bottled inside of me, even if others disagree. I also think it's okay to have a cry fest one day a year.
Things wer…

{Weekend Fun}

It all started when my brother Kenny decided he needed to meet my sister Kayla's boyfriend. He and his family decided to drive down to Provo for the weekend so they could spend some time hanging out with me and Kayla. It was a really fun weekend. How could it not be fun hanging with family right? 
They stayed at my cousin Travis' house in Lehi so we ended up spending quite a bit of time there. We also spent time doing other things and we invited a few of Travis's daughters to tag along. 
We started with a hike up the mountain. I was not thrilled over that. Hiking causes me to have major asthma issues so I'm never thrilled over that. Add to that a snowy hike and it makes my asthma even worse. But I did survive and my asthma issues will go away in the next few days.
We also went to the planetarium. It was fun exploring there. I think the kids had a blast doing this! There were all sorts of cool things to explore at the planetarium. 
The kids and I hung out at Travis'…

Project Life!!

I love Peoject Life! I get so pumped over these scrapbook pages!! 

As was mentioned in a previous post, I recently discovered Project Life. It is incredible! It has changed scrapbooking for me FOREVER!! I've always loved scrapbooking. But my life has gotten so busy that I don't get to scrapbook very often. 
Project Life has changed that. I can make the most amazing pages within minutes from the app on my phone. Within three months time I've gotten almost completely caught up. That makes me happy!! There are a few different formats, and I love the physical format. But for me I know that even the physical format (which is pretty easy) will take more time than I have right now. For now I'm using the app...which has changed my life forever. I may end up eventually using the physical format. We'll see where life takes me. If you haven't tried Project Life, you should. It'll change your life forever, as it did mine. 

Beautiful Heartbreak

If you've never watched this video, I'd highly recommend that you watch it. This is the most touching music video that I've ever seen in my life. Every time that I'm feeling down like I'm not good enough or I don't measure up, I watch this video. And every time that I watch it, I'm reminded that I'm not the only one with trials in this life. We all have trials and heart aches. It is through God that we get through those heart breaks. I've experienced a million heart breaks in my life, but I know that I am not alone in that. We all experience hard things in this life. It is those experiences that shape us into who we are. I'm grateful for Hilary Weeks and this incredible video to remind me that I.AM.NOT.ALONE. 

{HOPE} 1.31.15 (end of week 4)

My hope is very small this week. I've gained weight the last two weeks. The hardest thing for me is finding the time to exercise and finding the time to cook healthy meals. I work a very demanding job that takes up a lot of my time. In order to perform well at my job I have to spend a lot of extra hours preparing. This one simple fact makes it very, very difficult to find the time for those things which are important to me. I have little hope for myself tonight, but I am hoping that I can find a good balance during this upcoming week.

{Things I LOVE}

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was going to post one thing she loves every day this month. I was in a super sad, emotional mood when I read her post, which is why I think it got me thinking. February is usually a very difficult month for me! I have this ache in my heart all month long. And my heart aches more and more the closer it gets to the dreaded February 14th. I decided I was going to follow my friend's example and try to keep the sadness out of my life this February. Each day in February I will post one thing that I love on Instagram & Facebook. If you follow me, make sure to look for my daily post. :) With that, I decided to sit down tonight and think of some things that I love. It was a great way to change my sadness around. I was feeling super bad for myself tonight, but this little ritual changed things around. In fact, I ran out of room and had to stop. I could've kept going all night. See below for a few of the things that I love. Happy February…

Faith & Trust...and Maybe a Little Pixy Dust :)

I saw this quote on Facebook this morning and it has really gotten me thinking today. I need to have more Faith in the Savior than I have lately. I know he loves me and he has a plan for me. But sometimes in my loneliness I forget that one simple truth. God has a plan for me. God's plan has definitely been the direct opposite of my plan. But I am learning to trust him, even though I do not understand his plan. I'd love to find my eternal companion, but for some reason my Heavenly Father isn't ready for that to occur in my life. 
Throughout my life I've had my ups and downs with this particular trial. I grew up being taught that a woman's job is to get married and raise children. I realize that the world has changed and a lot of women these days choose other roles in their lives. That is the role that I was raised to believe was the most important role a woman could fulfill, and that is the role that I have longed for for years and years! I know that someday I will…