A Valentine's like no other...

Hi there! I know that Valentine's was a few weeks ago now. But this year's Vday needs to be documented. Those who know me or who read my blog regularly know that I wish I weren't single. Valentines, in my opinion, is the worst day of the entire year. February, therefore, is the worst month out of the year. That may just sound like a girl with a bad attitude. But if you'd been through what I've been through, then you'd say that I deserve to feel that way. 

Valentines Day is the most depressing day out of the year for me. I usually promptly put on my PJs upon returning home from work that day. I then spend my evening just crying and crying and crying. I've been told in the past that I shouldn't allow myself to do that, that I shouldn't allow myself to feel that sadness. Well I don't think it is healthy to keep those feelings all bottled inside of me, even if others disagree. I also think it's okay to have a cry fest one day a year.

Things were a little different this year. On February 1st I was perusing Facebook when I noticed a friend's post. She had posted about 28 days of love and said that for each day of February she'd be posting about something that she loves. When I read her post I felt that I should join in the #28daysoflovechallenge . I was quite surprised by myself but I decided to go for it. That was the best decision I ever made. I have spent the month happy and full of light, rather than sad and full of darkness. It's been fun each day after work to decide what to post for that day. Some days it's much easier than others to decide what to post. But it has definitely changed my perspective.

Even though I've been doing this, I was worried when Valentines started to approach. Valentines was on a Saturday this year, which meant that leaving my house on that day could be dangerous for my spirit. My cousin Travis's wife, Becky, was inspired to call me to come over and hang out at their house. They had family in town (Travis's brother Jeremy and his kids, and my Aunt Sandi and Uncle Rod) and it was one big party. It was the perfect night and drum roll please......... I did NOT shed one single tear on Valentine's Day this year. That might not seem like a big deal. But that is the hugest deal ever for me. I am super proud of myself! And I'm happy for this new outlook on life. 

With this new perspective, I truly am loving my life. A Valentine's Day alone or without a significant other will never be the way I want to spend my day. But it's better than sad and depressed in my room. 

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