Faith & Trust...and Maybe a Little Pixy Dust :)

I saw this quote on Facebook this morning and it has really gotten me thinking today. I need to have more Faith in the Savior than I have lately. I know he loves me and he has a plan for me. But sometimes in my loneliness I forget that one simple truth. God has a plan for me. God's plan has definitely been the direct opposite of my plan. But I am learning to trust him, even though I do not understand his plan. I'd love to find my eternal companion, but for some reason my Heavenly Father isn't ready for that to occur in my life. 

Throughout my life I've had my ups and downs with this particular trial. I grew up being taught that a woman's job is to get married and raise children. I realize that the world has changed and a lot of women these days choose other roles in their lives. That is the role that I was raised to believe was the most important role a woman could fulfill, and that is the role that I have longed for for years and years! I know that someday I will fulfill that role, but I do not know when I will have the joy of fulfilling that role. I hope it is sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I need to just trust that The Lord has a plan for me, he knows me personally, and he wants me to be happy. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love that I have a Heavenly Father who knows me by name! I love that I have such an amazing family who I can look up to. I love each of them dearly. I love that I have such adorable nieces and nephews! I love them all like they were my own! Happy Sunday my friends! I'm off to church. :)

Today I'm choosing to have more FAITH & TRUST in my Savior. 
A little pixy dust might help too... ;)

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