Project Life!!

I love Peoject Life! I get so pumped over these scrapbook pages!! 

As was mentioned in a previous post, I recently discovered Project Life. It is incredible! It has changed scrapbooking for me FOREVER!! I've always loved scrapbooking. But my life has gotten so busy that I don't get to scrapbook very often. 

Project Life has changed that. I can make the most amazing pages within minutes from the app on my phone. Within three months time I've gotten almost completely caught up. That makes me happy!! There are a few different formats, and I love the physical format. But for me I know that even the physical format (which is pretty easy) will take more time than I have right now. For now I'm using the app...which has changed my life forever. I may end up eventually using the physical format. We'll see where life takes me. If you haven't tried Project Life, you should. It'll change your life forever, as it did mine. 


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