{Things I LOVE}

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was going to post one thing she loves every day this month. I was in a super sad, emotional mood when I read her post, which is why I think it got me thinking. February is usually a very difficult month for me! I have this ache in my heart all month long. And my heart aches more and more the closer it gets to the dreaded February 14th. I decided I was going to follow my friend's example and try to keep the sadness out of my life this February. Each day in February I will post one thing that I love on Instagram & Facebook. If you follow me, make sure to look for my daily post. :) With that, I decided to sit down tonight and think of some things that I love. It was a great way to change my sadness around. I was feeling super bad for myself tonight, but this little ritual changed things around. In fact, I ran out of room and had to stop. I could've kept going all night. See below for a few of the things that I love. Happy February!! Here to hoping for a month of happiness...even if I don't have a significant other to share it with. 

#28daysoflove #february #lovinglife 

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