{Weekend Fun}

It all started when my brother Kenny decided he needed to meet my sister Kayla's boyfriend. He and his family decided to drive down to Provo for the weekend so they could spend some time hanging out with me and Kayla. It was a really fun weekend. How could it not be fun hanging with family right? 

They stayed at my cousin Travis' house in Lehi so we ended up spending quite a bit of time there. We also spent time doing other things and we invited a few of Travis's daughters to tag along. 

We started with a hike up the mountain. I was not thrilled over that. Hiking causes me to have major asthma issues so I'm never thrilled over that. Add to that a snowy hike and it makes my asthma even worse. But I did survive and my asthma issues will go away in the next few days.

We also went to the planetarium. It was fun exploring there. I think the kids had a blast doing this! There were all sorts of cool things to explore at the planetarium. 

The kids and I hung out at Travis' house that night while the two couples went out. The kids had a "kids only sleepover" so I was uninvited lol. I was feeling a little down on myself that night. I felt like everywhere I went I was "uninvited". But no worries, I'm over it. 

Finn finally decided that I might be okay this weekend. I was excited about that because in the past he didn't want to have anything to do with me. I also enjoyed Sweet Hailey Bug who is getting way too old. That girl needs to stop! She's for sure going to pass me in height really soon. :( 

We stayed up way too late playing games that night...to the point that I couldn't stop yawning. But then when I finally got to bed I couldn't sleep because I'd been up for so long. Ugh I was sooo exhausted the next day too! 

The next morning I went back up to Lehi to hang with them some more before heading to church. I knew after I got home from church, they'd be on their way home. That morning we got goofy and took some really fun pictures. I love it!!!

It was a super quick weekend but I'm glad I got to hang with family. Love them. <3

Me and Finn :)

Me and Hailey Bug :)

Kody, Kayla, Hailey, Sierra, Ben, Sydney

Kayla and Hailey 

Cute Finners!

Hahaha...they're too silly!

That girl is STRONG!

The girl on the moon...

We took some fun tire pictures. They were being really silly!!

Sierra fell in love with Ben. She got all dolled up for him and entertained us all. I love that girl! :) 

Me and Hailey...and a few photo bombers 

Awe...and let the silly pictures begin. :)

Don't worry. We took about a million. And Hailey is a really GREAT photographer!

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