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Thank you SPRING!!

I love SPRING! Friday was the first day of Spring and it definitely felt like it all weekend. I soaked up the sun, wore capris and flip flops, and spent some time outdoors. Let's just hope that Spring is here to stay. I'm ready for the warm weather and happiness. 😊☀️

Sunday Night Blues...

I found this cute dress on sale a few weeks ago. I haven't worn it until today, but I love it! Not only is it super comfy but it is really cute as well! In the store they paired it with this adorable cardigan. Not only did the cardigan fit my arms weird it was out of my price range. But this cardigan was already in my closet and it works perfectly. 
I'm also trying to perfect the curls. But today I thought: "Why bother?" I usually spend more time on my hair on Sunday so that I'll look nice for church. Today my hair was straight and flat by the time I got to church. Oh well...whatever I guess!
Tonight I'm feeling the "Sunday Night Teacher Blues". That means that I've had a great weekend (with some great sleep involved) and I don't want to get up early tomorrow. It also means that my 2.5 hour nap that I took today wasn't enough. I'm ready for some Spring Break time! This teacher is TIRED!!! Lets hope the kiddos are nice and calm tomor…

My Weekend

I had a great weekend! My parents came into town for the weekend. Now that Kayla is officially engaged to Ben, it was time for the parents to meet each other. Besides meeting Ben's parents, we fit a ton into this tiny little weekend. We did mostly LOTS of wedding stuff (Bridal Show, wedding planning, shopping for wedding stuff). We also spent some time at Gardner Village, a favorite place of ours. We were so tired Saturday night that we all (me, Kayla, Ben, my parents) went to my place. We made dinner and then relaxed to a movie. My parents got up this morning and headed home. It was a fun (BUSY) weekend. I'm always glad to see my parents. 
Here are a few Project Life pages that I made to document our fun-filled weekend:

Sunday Exhaustion (Or Maybe "Life Exhaustion" is a better title)

My life has been so busy lately that I've just felt tired all the time. I've had so much going on at work that I can't even keep up. I've been spending more time at work than the normal (which is already way too much, by the way). I keep thinking that the next week will calm down a little and then it seems to get busier. I work a very, very busy job. I love my job but it simply wears me out. Usually by this time of year I've already had Spring Break, which gives me the push I need to keep going and to finish out the year strong. This year since I moved and got a job at a new school, I still haven't had a Spring Break. My body is dying without that! Hopefully I can hold out for two more weeks. I can do it!! 
This morning getting ready for church was way too much effort. Yes, I was that tired. But I did it and I made it to church. I was even a little early, so I stopped and looked at the beauty around me. I took some pictures of the pretty trees that have been m…


I really, really wanted to see Cinderella! I've seen a few previews lately, and I knew it was something that I wanted to see. I don't do this very often (because it's just not as fun), but I went and saw it alone. I didn't know what time it was playing so I drove over to the Provo Town Center mall. I know I could've looked it up. But I was out already and I didn't want to either run home or pull over somewhere to look it up on my phone. I got there and saw the times and I knew I needed to hurry if I wanted dinner. I had about 20 minutes until the movie would start. I headed over to the food court in the mall. I would've preferred Panda Express but they had about a 20 minute line. I settled on Hot Dog on a Stick (a place where I have NEVER in my life eaten, by the way). There weren't great choices which is probably why the line for Panda was so long. The food was fine but not something I would normally choose. (Hopefully next time I treat myself to dinn…

More {Project Life}

I've been cranking out some more Project Life pages this weekend. As mentioned in this post, it is highly relaxing for me! I've had quite the exhausting life the last few weeks. So scrapbooking was just what the doctor ordered! I lounged around my house in my comfy clothes and cranked out some more Project Life pages. I now have most of 2014 completed. And on top of that, I'm staying current with 2015. But now I want to go back and look at 2013 and see how much I need to get done there. But I feel so accomplished to have 2014 done. That was a big year for me. I quit my job, sold my house (which I miss a ton, btw), accepted a job in Provo, moved to much change this year! It feels good to have that all documented! I love {Project Life}!!
Last week Project Life added several new card kits on their app. I am totally in love with the Dazzle Kit! Check out the first and third pictures below. They were created using the Dazzle kit. It is most definitely my new favorit…


When I accepted a job in Provo, UT my biggest fear was the weather. Haha...I know I'm crazy! But driving in the snow is one of my biggest fears in life. Back in college (when I lived in Provo) I slid on black ice and was without a car for quite some time. I've never had good luck in the snow, and it just simply scares me to drive in it. So when I decided to move here, I started having nightmares about the snow. 
Then I moved here in July. I knew I had a few good months. And I must say the weather was perfect during those few months. If I could have that weather all year I'd be the happiest girl alive. After living in the heat for so long the weather here felt fabulous! 
But honestly, we haven't really had any snow. It snowed once or twice back in November, but it didn't stick to the ground. I was totally okay with that. Then in December I went home for Christmas and it dumped on Provo. I was okay with that. I was not in Provo at the time and I didn't have to d…


You guys! I am so in love with Project Life!! I know that I keep posting about this, but seriously, it is THE BEST!! 
I've always been a scrapbooker. I remember back in high school when I started scrapbooking. For a Young Women in Excellence night I decided to learn how to scrapbook. I fell in love! It didn't take long for me to realize that I had a passion for scrapbooking. 
Over the years I've used different outlets for my scrapbooking. For a very long time I used physical supplies...and  had a whole room full of supplies! I loved it! But then life happened, and I got really busy. I found myself not scrapbooking very often because it took too much time. By the time I got all of my supplies out it was time to clean up! 
Not long after that I discovered digital scrapbooking and really loved it. I could be in the middle of a page, click save, and leave. When I came back to it, it was exactly where I left off with all the supplies right where I left them (without the mess).…

Breakfast Time...

I started making protein shakes for breakfast probably about 5 or 6 years ago. I was trying to lose weight at the time. I heard drinking a protein shake for 1-2 meals per day would help with weight loss. I knew that breakfast was the only meal I'd be able to sacrifice. I love food way too much!!! 
So my friend Tiff and I started experimenting. We tried a few different protein powders, I think mostly from Walmart or whatever. We also experimented with what ingredients to put in our shakes. We liked some things more than others. There were some proteins I hated and decided not to buy them again. There were some days when I had to choke down my shake. 
Then I started using doTERRA essential oils. I discovered the doTERRA Vanilla Trim Shake. Yum!! I started with the shake powder and milk. Boring right? Over the past few years my trim shake has slowly evolved into a ingredient at a time. :)
I now have it down to a science and I love it!!! DoTERRA Vanilla Trim Shake, doTERRA…