Breakfast Time...

I started making protein shakes for breakfast probably about 5 or 6 years ago. I was trying to lose weight at the time. I heard drinking a protein shake for 1-2 meals per day would help with weight loss. I knew that breakfast was the only meal I'd be able to sacrifice. I love food way too much!!! 

So my friend Tiff and I started experimenting. We tried a few different protein powders, I think mostly from Walmart or whatever. We also experimented with what ingredients to put in our shakes. We liked some things more than others. There were some proteins I hated and decided not to buy them again. There were some days when I had to choke down my shake. 

Then I started using doTERRA essential oils. I discovered the doTERRA Vanilla Trim Shake. Yum!! I started with the shake powder and milk. Boring right? Over the past few years my trim shake has slowly evolved into a ingredient at a time. :)

I now have it down to a science and I love it!!! DoTERRA Vanilla Trim Shake, doTERRA greens, Naked Mango juice, 1% milk, frozen fruit (I prefer either the Great Value mixed fruit or the Kirkland Mixed Fruit), and Greek yogurt (Peaches 'n Cream is my fave but I like other flavors too). 

I love my morning smoothies! They're quick and easy and so yummy (and so filling). That's perfect for this super busy, super tired teacher!! 

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