More {Project Life}

I've been cranking out some more Project Life pages this weekend. As mentioned in this post, it is highly relaxing for me! I've had quite the exhausting life the last few weeks. So scrapbooking was just what the doctor ordered! I lounged around my house in my comfy clothes and cranked out some more Project Life pages. I now have most of 2014 completed. And on top of that, I'm staying current with 2015. But now I want to go back and look at 2013 and see how much I need to get done there. But I feel so accomplished to have 2014 done. That was a big year for me. I quit my job, sold my house (which I miss a ton, btw), accepted a job in Provo, moved to much change this year! It feels good to have that all documented! I love {Project Life}!!

Last week Project Life added several new card kits on their app. I am totally in love with the Dazzle Kit! Check out the first and third pictures below. They were created using the Dazzle kit. It is most definitely my new favorite. :)

Page 2 of the job hunt...

Playing with some friends before leaving St. George...

Weight Loss challenge from last year...Wow! Look at that last picture! 

Family visiting last weekend...

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