When I accepted a job in Provo, UT my biggest fear was the weather. Haha...I know I'm crazy! But driving in the snow is one of my biggest fears in life. Back in college (when I lived in Provo) I slid on black ice and was without a car for quite some time. I've never had good luck in the snow, and it just simply scares me to drive in it. So when I decided to move here, I started having nightmares about the snow. 

Then I moved here in July. I knew I had a few good months. And I must say the weather was perfect during those few months. If I could have that weather all year I'd be the happiest girl alive. After living in the heat for so long the weather here felt fabulous! 

But honestly, we haven't really had any snow. It snowed once or twice back in November, but it didn't stick to the ground. I was totally okay with that. Then in December I went home for Christmas and it dumped on Provo. I was okay with that. I was not in Provo at the time and I didn't have to drive in it. Then we had January and February. It was in the 50's and 60's...which means NO SNOW! I was okay with that. 

This week things changed. We got quite a bit of snow for a few days. We had a full on blizzard one day while I was teaching. Within seconds the ground was covered. I started freaking out!!! My first thought: "How am I going to drive home after work?" And I did what any normal person would do. I videoed it of course. ;) 

I was hoping to be done with it. Then I woke up to snow the next morning. Driving to work was scary but I survived it. The other day one of my colleagues was joking that I'm the reason Provo hasn't gotten any snow this year. Weather I'm the reason or not, that's okay with me. How about we just get lots of snow in the mountains and nowhere else? 

Driving in it is just the scariest thing for me. So if I don't have to drive in it, then I'm good. It is quite beautiful. I just don't want to drive in it. :)

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