Sunday Exhaustion (Or Maybe "Life Exhaustion" is a better title)

My life has been so busy lately that I've just felt tired all the time. I've had so much going on at work that I can't even keep up. I've been spending more time at work than the normal (which is already way too much, by the way). I keep thinking that the next week will calm down a little and then it seems to get busier. I work a very, very busy job. I love my job but it simply wears me out. Usually by this time of year I've already had Spring Break, which gives me the push I need to keep going and to finish out the year strong. This year since I moved and got a job at a new school, I still haven't had a Spring Break. My body is dying without that! Hopefully I can hold out for two more weeks. I can do it!! 

This morning getting ready for church was way too much effort. Yes, I was that tired. But I did it and I made it to church. I was even a little early, so I stopped and looked at the beauty around me. I took some pictures of the pretty trees that have been making me swoon every time I drive past them. {They are seriously so gorgeous!} They gave me a little boost of energy to make it through church. Not enough, it turns out. I couldn't keep my eyes open in sacrament meeting. I literally was fighting sleep the whole hour. Unfortunately I couldn't hold out for two more hours. I ended up going home after sacrament. I felt guilty about that but I knew that I'd get nothing out of it anyways.  I ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap. Wow! That tells you how exhausted I was. And even at that, I could've kept sleeping. Whew! Life has just been crazy lately. I just can't wait for summer to get here because I really, really need that break. I am so worn out (more than I've ever been). But these pretty trees give me hope that SUMMER is just around the corner!! 

Pretty trees across the street from the church house...

The church house looks like we are in the dead of winter still...

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