Sunday Night Blues...

I found this cute dress on sale a few weeks ago. I haven't worn it until today, but I love it! Not only is it super comfy but it is really cute as well! In the store they paired it with this adorable cardigan. Not only did the cardigan fit my arms weird it was out of my price range. But this cardigan was already in my closet and it works perfectly. 

I'm also trying to perfect the curls. But today I thought: "Why bother?" I usually spend more time on my hair on Sunday so that I'll look nice for church. Today my hair was straight and flat by the time I got to church. Oh well...whatever I guess!

Tonight I'm feeling the "Sunday Night Teacher Blues". That means that I've had a great weekend (with some great sleep involved) and I don't want to get up early tomorrow. It also means that my 2.5 hour nap that I took today wasn't enough. I'm ready for some Spring Break time! This teacher is TIRED!!! Lets hope the kiddos are nice and calm tomorrow (in my dreams lol). I love my class but they are definitely a hyper group! 

Here's to a great week! 

This was taken right after I curled my hair.

Spring is here! Toeless shoes and bare legs. It feels wonderful! (Now I need to make those toes look cute again)

This picture is awful but I'm too tired to care. Mirror selfie of my cute outfit. 

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