Thinking about the past...

Brings back old emotions...

One day last week I was shopping at Home Depot (a store that I try to avoid). After I found my items I was heading to the register to check out. I heard a familiar voice and I couldn't figure out who it was. As I looked up, I instantly knew who that voice was coming from. It was coming from the principal that didn't hire me last year. I had interviewed with him on three separate occasions and had been lead to believe that I was going to be hired at that school. When I didn't receive the job I was totally crushed. My heart was completely broken. I had really wanted that job. I was super excited about that job! I loved the school, loved the principal, and it felt right. I felt very strongly that I was going to be working there. So when I found out that someone else was hired instead of me I was completed crushed. 

That was a year ago. I've since moved on and discovered that life is wonderful at the school that did choose to hire me. I know without a doubt (now) that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. But it is interesting to me that although I've moved on and I am very happy, the sight of this man brought all of those feelings back. I instantly felt defeated and complete sadness. 

This experience got me thinking. It is interesting how memories work (good and bad). One sight, sound or smell can bring back a flood of memories about a certain experience. I'm grateful that we have those memories stored in our brain and that we can bring them back so easily. I'd like to keep the bad ones stored far, far away. But I love bringing out the good memories. It is fun to reminisce and think about things from the past. Life is so incredibly wonderful in this way! 

That is a big part of why I scrapbook. I love looking through old scrapbooks and bringing up old memories. I could seriously look at scrapbooks for hours. Sometimes when I know I don't have the time to get sucked in, I have to force myself to keep my hands off of the scrapbooks. Anyway, life is wonderful and unique and I love it!!

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